Anne Hathaway recalls terrifying times with Robert De Niro

Anne Hathaway once talked about how afraid she was of Robert De Niro when the two of them were filming The Intern in 2015.

As reported by Impulse Gamer, the Devil Wears Prada star claimed to have given the seasoned actor “the silent treatment” during their first meeting.

Robert plays an intern at an online fashion site operated by Anne’s character in the Nancy Meyers film, but since the Oscar winner is a seasoned actor, she was often at a loss for words around him.

“I couldn’t talk around him for the first three weeks. I just felt like an idiot, everything I said, but once I calmed down about that, I just trusted the words,” the 40-year-old actress recalled.

She said, “Bob and I did some extreme bonding at the Century 21 mall,” describing how the two grew closer after their trip to the mall. “We went shopping, but we didn’t do anything special.”

The Princess Diaries star stated that she chose her position in The Intern with reason in a different interview with The Toronto Sun.

“I can’t explain why it happened in this movie, but previously I used to sign movies from a place of insecurity and self-doubt,” she said.

The old quotation came up again while Robert was being sued for $12 million in damages by his former assistant, who claims he caused “severe emotional distress and reputational harm.”

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