Ben Affleck can’t let go of Jennifer Garner despite marrying Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck seems to be having a hard time letting go of his ex-wife Jennifer Garner despite marrying Jennifer Lopez, fans of the actor suspect.

The Argo actor was recent spotted in a joyful mood with Garner at their son Samuel’s basketball game in Los Angeles. The two were pictured together laughing while chatting.

After the pictures of the two went viral on the internet, fans of Jennifer Lopez bashed him over his “happy pictures,” noting how dull and bored he looks while stepping out with his wife.

Some fans even referred to speculations that Affleck and Lopez are struggling in their marital life, saying that the real reason why their marriage is not working is “Jennifer Garner.”

“Ben Affleck can’t let go of his ex-wife Jennifer Garner,” one angry user penned on X (former Twitter). “As a cooperant there is no need for BA and JG to be in each other’s company this much without kids around or their spouse.”

“I wonder how it must feel to see your husband at least several times a week looking too close to his ex-wife talking, flirting, touching all in the name of co-parenting,” another penned while tagging JLo.

Another bashed Affleck for meeting Garner behind Lopez’s back. They said, “Is this how a married man acts when his wife is out of town?”

“Jennifer Garner stole Ben once before you allowing her to do it again?” they added, referring to Affleck and Lopez’s relationship during early 2000s when they broke up with each other and the actor went on to marry Garner.

One wrote, “Not again, this is ridiculous jlo should leave this prick already,” while another said, “With everyone else he seems high and giddy even when paps getting full view only with jlo he pretends to be miserable Jen deserves better than this.”

“I agree he is purposely treating her like shit,” another speculated.

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