Ben Affleck’s ‘lazy’ nature irritates Jennifer Lopez amid marital woes

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez often made headlines due to the couple’s rumoured marital woes. 

As per the latest report published by Radar Online, the songstress is irritated with her husband’s ‘lazy’ nature for not helping her in the maintenance of the house’s hygiene. 

A source revealed, “They’ve got eight dogs and a cat, so it’s a complete zoo… It’s chaos!”

An insider shared with the National Enquirer that Lopez “swears” that she’s the only one who tries to handle their pets single-handedly. 

The Good Will Hunting actor declines to clean the litter of their pets which often displeases the Ain’t Your Mama singer. 

“His answer is to hire people to do it for them. But it really bugs Jennifer because he has more than enough time on his hands. So in her view, he’s just being lazy,” the source further added. 

Reports further shared that the dogs are more comfortable with Ben and if the actor leaves the house, they start “whining and want to follow him.”

“Basically, he gets all the perks with none of the work, which is one of her biggest frustrations,” a tipster shared. 

Earlier, several reports suggested that the couple is on bad terms following Gone Girl star’s intimate car meetups with his former wife Jennifer Garner.

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