Bianca Censori returns to Australia amidst concerns over relationship.

Bianca Censori, the wife of renowned rapper Kanye West, has made a discreet return to her homeland, Australia. 

However, this journey lacked the usual company of her famous husband, sparking speculation and concern among her close friends. 

Rumor has it that an impromptu ‘intervention’ unfolded, with those near and dear expressing worries about Bianca’s relationship with the Yeezy designer.

Insiders suggest that Bianca’s inner circle is now convinced she’s becoming increasingly aware of West’s ‘controlling ways,’ as they reportedly urged her to ‘wake the f*** up.’ 

The architectural designer, made her first trip home since tying the knot with West nearly a year ago, seized the opportunity to reconnect with her parents, Leo and Alexandra, and sister Angeline.

Last Friday night, the Censori sisters were seen at the popular Melbourne bar, Marquis of Lorne in Fitzroy, where sources reveal they partied until closing time.

Despite her celebrity ties, Ms. Censori managed to blend into the crowd, going largely unnoticed by patrons. 

Witnesses revealed that despite her outfit leaning towards the outrageous side, she seamlessly blended into the crowd.

“It was really no big deal,” said one eyewitness. 

“No one made a fuss at all. I didn’t even recognize who she was until a mate of mine pointed her out and said, Look, that’s Kanye’s missus over there. She was just there having a good time, enjoying a few drinks and catching up with friends.”

During her solo Melbourne adventure, Censori reportedly reunited with two long-time girlfriends, marking the first time she had seen them since her secret wedding to West last December. 

The reunion comes after previous tensions, where Censori had accused her friends of being ‘jealous’ of her newfound fame. 

Concerns were raised about West allegedly influencing her into a ‘radicalized’ version of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

However, after months of apparent seclusion from her inner circle, sources now claim that Censori is “starting to see things from an outside perspective.” 

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