BTS’ Jungkook spills beans on band’s comeback: ‘I really miss them’

BTS’ Jungkook opened up about the band’s comeback in his recent interview, saying that the absence of his group members left a noticeable void in his solo music journey. 

In conversation with television presenter Zane Lowe for an Apple Music interview, the youngest member of BTS admitted that he really missed his group mates while working as a solo musician.

“When I was in the green room or alone on stage, or even while having meals with the staff, the absence of their presence next to me became so apparent,” Jungkook added.

Reportedly, the globally celebrated music band is set to be reunited as a group in 2025.

While acknowledging the special bond between BTS and their fans popularly known as Army, the musician said, “Well, there’s a saying in Korea, ‘You will follow your friends to Gangnam,’ but between BTS and ARMY, I don’t know who’s following who.”

He continued, “There’s this very special bond and also a sense of depending on one another that I think is very special.”

Last year, Jungkook and other members of the renowned South Korean boy band, announced that they are taking a break in order to complete their military service.

Jungkook, RM, Taehyung and Jimin are working on their solo careers while J-Hope, Jin, and Suga wrap their military training.

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