Coleen Rooney reveals it was difficult to forgive Wayne for THIS act

Coleen Rooney has shared that forgiving Wayne for infidelity was easier for her than dealing with his drink-driving incident with another woman in the car.

In September 2017, she had to reassess their marriage when the former England captain was stopped by the police after leaving a nightclub with Laura Simpson.

In her new autobiography, My Account, the 37-year-old WAG admitted being haunted by ‘what if?’ concerns, pondering what might have transpired if the police hadn’t intervened.

She described her husband’s behavior as ‘a step too far,’ expressing doubt about the possibility of salvaging their marriage. While expecting her fourth child with Wayne, she sought refuge in her parents’ house with their three sons..

She branded her husband’s behaviour ‘a step too far’, revealing she didn’t think their marriage could be salvaged and, while expecting her fourth child with Wayne, she fled to her parents house with their three sons.

Coleen penned: ‘Wayne said he didn’t understand why he got in the car with a random woman, but to my mind, there was obviously an intention behind it.’

Coleen touched on how she confronted Laura in a phone call in a bid to learn the truth, explaining: ‘The surprise was how matter-of-fact she was about the whole thing. “No, there was nothing to it. I was going home, and he was getting a taxi, and we just ended up in the car together,” she told me

Coleen’s autobiography, My Account, is out now. 

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