Grimes has a ‘hard time’ tracking down Elon Musk for serving papers

Grimes had to hire people to find Elon Musk around the globe.

According to recently filed court filings, his ex-girlfriend Grimes had trouble reaching him and attempted to locate him at least 12 times when attempting to serve him with custody papers.

According to documents filed on November 3 and acquired by Business Insider, the 35-year-old Canadian singer employed four distinct process servers to visit Musk’s X offices in San Francisco, SpaceX’s launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, Tesla’s factory in Austin, and other locations throughout the southern city.

According to reports, one of the process servers even visited the tech mogul’s Texas horse ranch. but a woman told me, “Nope, not here.”

According to court documents, the servers allegedly searched for Musk, 52, extensively between October 13 and October 20, even following his private planes.

Papers must be “served” to all other parties participating in a certain action, under California law.

The Superior Court of California’s website states that “If the papers are not served in the correct way at the correct time, the court cannot go forward with the case.”

Grimes’ process servers apparently had to leave the legal documents with Musk’s security at X, Tesla, and SpaceX after several failed attempts.

The chase started after, Grimes, whose true name is Claire Boucher, filed a lawsuit against Musk in California to obtain custody of their three children, X Æ A-Xii, 3, Exa Dark Siderael, 1, and Techno Mechanicus, 1.

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