Harry Styles goes bald: ‘It’s hurting me emotionally’

Harry Styles became viral online after revealing a fresh appearance on his most recent outing in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the weekend with girlfriend Taylor Russell.

The Watermelon Sugar hitmaker was spotted during U2’s Las Vegas Sphere event with Russell having his head shaved in a video that TMZ posted.

In the midst of a passionate jam session, Styles and Russell were moving to the band’s classic songs as the singer put his arm around the actor.

But instead of focusing on their musical meeting, the internet swiftly moved on to breaking news about Styles’ new look.

After the tabloid published candid photos of the singer’s buzzcut, fans flocked to X (previously Twitter) to express their outrage, with one writing, “Now he’s just styles.”

“To everyone posting the pic Harry Styles with his shaved head, please stop it’s hurting me emotionally, mentally and physically,” another tweeted.

Other fans of Styles said they never thought they would “see the headline ‘Harry Styles has shaved his head.’”

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