Heartbroken Prince Harry upset for missing royal family’s milestones

Prince Harry is reportedly heartbroken as he has missed his father King Charles III’s 75th birthday celebration on Tuesday.

Harry, according to insider, was desperate to see his family and expecting an invite from the royal family to attend the event, but he’s upset for not being invited.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s spokesperson has already confirmed the couple has not been invited to any of the royal celebrations.

The Duke, in his 2022 Netflix documentary, said he missed “the weird family gatherings when we’re all brought together under one roof for certain times of the year” 

The Duke of Sussex would reportedly also not join the royal family this Christmas as  his wife Meghan Markle is not interest in spending the Christmas in the UK.

Harry seemingly feels isolated as his children will miss out on the fun as he knows that nobody could celebrate Christmas like the Windsors.

A media outlet, citing source, claims that “The Christmas plans are causing a bit of tension because he’s fed up with being away from everyone during key milestones.”

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