King Charles ‘crawls around for hours’ for Queen Camilla’s grandchildren

King Charles is branded a generous and a careful grandfather for the Queen Camilla’s grandkids.

The monarch’s former images with his grandchildren have been observed by body language expert Judi James to realise how playful the 74-year-old is with his children.

Judi said: “Some of the most powerful images of Charles in a grandfather-like mode come from moments he has spent with Camilla’s grandchildren.

“Camilla previously described Charles in glowing terms as getting down on his knees and ‘crawling around with them for hours making funny noises’ and reading Harry Potter to them while doing all the voices,” she adds.

“We saw Charles with his arm held protectively around little Lola’s waist on the balcony at William and Kate’s wedding.

Quoting another pictures, Judi added: “There is also a carefree image of him happily swinging one of Camilla’s grandchildren around in the garden while the others run around nearby.”

“At the Highland Games these very relaxed, playful relationships were made clear in the way Camilla’s grandchildren seemed happy to run up and hug or touch Charles with no apparent sense of his status,” she noted.

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