Matthew Perry’s sudden death gives birth to many questions

Matthew Perry, who was found dead in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home back in October, has left everyone in shock with his sudden demise that also gave birth to several questions.

The late actor was living with his personal assistant in Beverly Hills before his unexpected death, according to reports.

An employee named Kenny Iwamasa was “an individual living with Perry and monitoring him.” 

Kenny, who was directly employed by Matthew’s manager Doug Chapin, was “Executive Assistant to personal manager responsibilities”, to Perry for at least 25 years, according to his LinkedIn.

“I thrive in chaotic situations which call for order. I am discreet, loyal and honour absolute confidentiality… I love deadlines, contracts, dotting I’s and solving puzzling situations and projects,” as reported by The Mirror, his profile description read.

Kenny, according to the Daily Mail, was previously pictured running errands, driving the actor around, and leaving the rental property. 

The actor, as per Daily Record, rented the house for $49,000 per month while his permanent home, a $6million Pacific Palisades house, was being renovated for over a year.

Matthew, in his last days, was “incredibly happy” in his new home, even calling it “heaven,” a source reportedly told PEOPLE.

Matthew posted a photo of himself in the hot tub overlooking the city lights in his final Instagram post. with the caption: “Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

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