Meghan Markle, Prince Harry set to return to royal duties after ‘secret’ deal with King Charles?

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle could return to royal duties by as soon as December, the insider has claimed amid reports of a ‘secret deal’ with King Charles.

The OK magazine, citing the source, claimed King Charles may set some strict ground rules for the royal couple to resume their duties as senior working royals.

The insider claimed, “Meghan and Harry have to agree not to speak ill of the royals again. That’s a must. It would be an utter embarrassment if they were to be kicked out of the family for a second time.”

The insider further claimed if Meghan and Harry agree, “they could resume royal duties by as soon as December.”

The new claims about Meghan and Harry’s return to royal duties came amid reports the Duke of Sussex has been trying to ‘cut a secret deal’ to live and work with the royal family again, and his father King Charles has ‘graciously’ agreed to it.

The insider claims, ‘Harry and Meghan are grateful.”

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