Prince Harry is ‘even further away from his family’

 Prince Harry is ‘even further away from his family’

Experts warn Prince Harry’s life story has become nothing short of a darker tragedy without his family by his side.

This claim has been issued by royal reporter, Clive Hammond, in his Express UK piece.

He began the converastion by pointing out how “Harry’s exit from the Windsor household was described as a ‘tragedy’ by Andrew Lownie, who has penned several books on the royals, and claims that Harry may now well face the same decline as his relative.”

“Spare saw Harry unleash a wave of accusations at members of his family.”

“It has left Harry even further away from his family, with the Duke of Sussex only seeing the royals on a handful of occasions since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, opted to quit their senior royal duties and cross the pond to live in the US.”

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