Royal family pays tribute to Princess Diana on King Charles big day

Royal family has marked King Charles’s 75th birthday by sharing an incredible video montage, featuring Prince William and Harry’s late mother Princess Diana  alongside other royals in adorable throwback pictures.

The video montage, shared by the royal family’s official social media accounts to celebrate the King’s birthday milestone, starts with a sweet tribute to the late Queen cradling her first-born child, Charles. 

The Montage also features Prince William and Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana. However, it does not show images from the King’s first wedding to the Princess in 1981.

It also features some sweet moments of a young Princes William and Harry, including one of Charles alongside Princess Diana cradling Harry.

While pictures from the 2000s include one taken on the day he married Queen Camilla in 2005. The two other photos include one of him and Camilla on their Coronation day earlier this year.

However, King’s daughters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are seen no where in incredible video montage.

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