Stanley Simons sang ‘High School Musical’ songs to Zac Efron while filming ‘The Iron Claw’

Stanley Simons would break out into High School Musical songs while filming his Iron Claw scenes with Zac Efron.

Speaking to People Magazine at the Dallas world premiere of The Iron Claw on Wednesday, Simons revealed some fun behind the scenes moments from filming the new sports drama thriller, in which he and Efron play brothers and wrestlers Mike and Kevin respectively.

Simon recounted joking around with his co-star on set by singing some hit songs from Efron’s breakthrough role in Disney’s High School Musical.

“I sung [some of Breaking Free] to Zac when I was playing my music scene. That was definitely a life experience that I’ll never forget,” the budding actor reflected on filming a movie with someone he grew up watching.

“When we were in the ring I was like, ‘I got to get my head in the game’,” he further recounted, referencing another song from the iconic 2000s Disney movie.

The 17 Again star was good-humoured about it, encouraging Simons to hit the right note.

“When I was singing the song, he was like, ‘Oh, you’re not hitting it, you’re not hitting it.’ I was a like, ‘Oh,’ and I redid it. And I think I did a good job,” Simons recalled.

The young actor also admitted that it was somewhat daunting to be working with such a seasoned actor, but that he was made to feel very welcomed and comfortable around the cast.

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