Suella Braverman (left) with her husband Rael Braverman. — The Sun

Suella Braverman was removed as the home secretary Monday in a turn of events after she incited hate against minority communities, putting her once again in the limelight.

Braverman labels pro-Palestinian marches as “hate marches,” leading to accusations of political interference in policing and, ultimately, her dismissal.

London saw mass protests recently in support of Palestinians, who are being bombarded and killed indiscriminately by Israel’s occupying forces, and Braverman critcised those rallies, showing her apparent support for Israel.

Braverman penned a newspaper article last week criticising the way the Metropolitan Police handled a contentious Armistice Day pro-Palestinian march.

Following accusations that Braverman was weakening public trust in the police and their operational independence, pressure mounted on the prime minister to take action.

In the article in question, the politician blamed the police for siding with leftwing protesters and inflamed tensions ahead of Armistice Day protests.

She ramped up her attacks on people attending pro-Palestinian demonstrations, drawing comparisons between them and Protestant marches in Northern Ireland.

Braverman’s statements have consistently sparked debate, reflecting the challenges and controversies surrounding immigration, protests, multiculturalism, and other pressing issues during her tenure as home secretary.

The reason behind her apparent support for Israel might be because her husband Rael Braverman is also a Jew.

According to the Jewish Chronicle in March 2023, Braverman, while speaking to the JC inside the London headquarters of the Community Security Trust (CST), said: “When it comes to antisemitism, I have felt for a long time that there’s a double standard.”

“Racism that would be called out if it were directed against any other minority is explained away or ignored when it comes to Jews.”

“The Jewish community is our community,” she said. “My husband is a proud Jew and Zionist.

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