Usher broke down in tears while declaring his late friend, Aaron Spears, to be an amazing force

Usher cries while paying tribute to his late friend Aaron Spears

Usher’s composure crumbled as the singer paid tribute to his longtime friend, drummer Aaron Spears. He paid a heartfelt tribute to his late friend at First Baptist Church of Glenarden Worship Center last week in Maryland.

Usher cries while paying tribute to Aaron Spears

Usher broke down in tears while declaring his late friend to be an amazing force. The 45-year-old You Got It Bad hitmaker expressed gratitude towards Valdez Brantley, a musical director who introduced Usher to Aaron.

Aaron Spears’s death and Usher’s tribute

Earlier, following the drummer’s untimely death at the age of 47 on October 30th, Usher took to Instagram and paid a touching tribute to his friend. The singer shared snaps and video clips featuring some of his unforgettable memories with the drummer.

Usher posted a lengthy tribute for his friend in the comment section of the post. He wrote, “I cry, tears of joy, looking back at all of the memories we had together, I realize that you were the joy in every room you were in. We should not take life for granted or the people we love most as though they’re gonna be there forever.”

He declared Aaron to be one of his heroes and concluded his statement by saying, “I cry these tears of joy daily, wishing I could pick up the phone and hear your voice one last time. We always said I love you before hangin’ up. I’m gonna miss you, man!!”

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