Victoria Beckham took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sharing sweet throwback snapshots from her 40th birthday celebration at the Grand Canyon. 

The series of photos was part of a joint post with Victoria Beckham Beauty, where the renowned fashion icon seized the opportunity to introduce her new fragrance, San Ysidro Drive Eau De Parfum.

The first image captured a tender moment as Victoria shared a kiss with her husband, David Beckham, who carried their daughter Harper, then two, on his back. 

The second photo showcased the entire Beckham family, including Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, all with their backs turned to the camera, except for the youngest member, Harper.

Among the collection, a black and white selfie depicted Victoria and David, the power couple, with the fashion designer donning a baseball cap forward, while David opted for a backward cap. 

She shared the silhouette-laden image of her sons Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn, each holding hands with the youngest, Harper. 

Accompanying the poignant photo, Victoria penned a caption that read, “SAN YSIDRO DRIVE. A BURST OF ENERGY.”

The post, presented in collaboration with @VictoriaBeckhamBeauty, aimed to spotlight her latest fragrance, San Ysidro Drive Eau De Parfum.

The throwback photos, taken during a significant birthday celebration in the United States, captured the Beckham family’s excursion to the Grand Canyon for a day of hiking. 

Victoria expressed gratitude and love in a shoutout to her family: “Kisses @DavidBeckham @BrooklynPeltzBeckham @RomeoBeckham @CruzBeckham #Harper7 xx.”

Encouraging followers to explore the fragrance, Victoria directed them to and the brand’s physical location at 36 Dover Street.

Established in 2019, Victoria Beckham Beauty continues to be a platform for the fashion maven’s creative expressions and ventures into the beauty industry.

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